In response to CHAPTER 11: Valuing Lived and Front Line Experiences in Reclaiming Power and Place, the final report from the federal commission on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Audio Directed by Jessica Carmichael

Starring Samantha Brown, Monique Mojica, Joelle Peters and Michaela Washburn

Sound Design and Composition by Olivia Shortt and Cosette Pin

Multimedia Interpretations by Kaylyn and Kassiday Bernard of Patuo’kn

“Believe in Me” is composed by Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone, Aaron Lightstone, Justin Gray, David R. Maracle and Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuck. The Room 217 Foundation is the owner of the Master recording.

“I created this work in response to “Chapter 11: Valuing Lived and Front-Line Experiences”. What continues to reverberate for me is the need to humanize, to unite, to uplift and to highlight our deep-rooted connections. Regardless of the many insidious ways Indigenous people, especially women and 2-spirit folks, live with the forces of colonial oppression, we continue to find strength through one another. We continue to come back to a sacred kinship, and to the generosity of the land, water, animals and spirit world. No matter how our lived experiences may shape us, may have hurt or endangered us, they do not define us. Individually, we are whole humans. Together, we are a force.” Jessica Lea Fleming