In response to CHAPTER 5: Confronting Oppression – Right to Culture in Reclaiming Power and Place, the final report from the federal commission on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Audio Directed by Katie German

Starring Joelle Peters and Tara Sky

Sound Design and Composition by Olivia Shortt and Cosette Pin

 Multimedia Interpretations by Kaylyn and Kassiday Bernard of Patuo’kn

“Believe in Me” is composed by Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone, Aaron Lightstone, Justin Gray, David R. Maracle and Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuck. The Room 217 Foundation is the owner of the Master recording.

“For EPP I created a choreographic score that could be interpreted differently based on who was developing the work. I love spectacle, surprise and magic so I imagined and described an installation for the piece to take place within to represent a larger metaphor.

The launching point for how I was digesting Chapter 5 (The Right To Culture) was around what has happened and what is happening now. I played with how we are reclaiming language and since the chapter talked a lot about systems replacing systems, I was drawn to the notion of a cycle represented by a circle and so I worked toward breaking this cycle within the progression of the piece.” Aria Evans